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In October of 2017, a group of seven local business owners met to discuss what could be done to better promote tourism development in Johnson County.  After qualified research, effective marketing workshops and much collaboration, the group concluded that there was a need for a new organization dedicated exclusively to promoting and planning tourism development.  They moved forward creating the Tourism Development Council of Johnson County Tennessee, a non-profit council established as a 501(c) 3. We are

The group is focusing on:

  • The tremendous potential for attracting more visitors to the county, based on the natural beauty of Watauga Lake and the surrounding mountains, the large variety of recreational opportunities, numerous historical and cultural attractions, and the local annual Festivals and Events.
  • The major challenges involved in encouraging tourism development.
  • The risks associated with un-controlled tourism development.
  • The need to both preserve and protect the natural, historical and cultural legacy of the county.
  • The need to ensure that the benefits of tourism development are shared equitably across the communities that make up Johnson County

We invite all individuals, businesses and organizations that are directly and indirectly involved in Tourism in Northeast Tennessee, to join our Council to help plan our Tourism Initiatives to grow and manage Tourism in our area.

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