History of Johnson County

Our culture is rooted in rural America farming and manufacturing. We were mainly a farming community until we developed as a large manufacturing area during the 1900’s. We have a long musical heritage in Ole Time Appalachian Music, Bluegrass and Country Western music. These musical roots greatly contributed to the development of the Bluegrass and Country music genres as we know them today.  Like many rural American communities, much of our farming base has dwindled and most of our manufacturing base was lost during the shift of manufacturing jobs out of the United Sates.

Johnson County and Northeast Tennessee was fortunate to have many beautiful natural resources and has been able to develop a strong and desirable Tourism Industry as an economic driver for our local communities. Much of this was due to the fact that many of these natural resources were given Protection Designations, thereby maintaining the beauty of these natural wonders. To continue this tradition, we have committed to preserve, protect and promote these natural treasures and our unique cultural heritage for the enjoyment of our local communities and visitors to come. We invite you to share in these natural wonders, learn about our Appalachian Cultural Heritage and experience our friendly way of life. We are a great place to bring your family, friends and groups to explore, play and stay in Northeast Tennessee.