Vacations Suggestions

Since we have so many main attractions, it is easy to plan a trip when coming to the Johnson County area. Based on how long you are staying, we can give adequate time suggestions for each Attraction when visiting our area. We suggest planning a visit by picking some of our main attractions to explore and then checking out other things when actually in the area. You will be amazed at your choices.

Watauga Lake

This is a large pristine lake that is known as the third cleanest lake in America. Most of the 110 miles of shoreline is protected from development, so it has low traffic compared to other lakes of the same size.  The beautiful lake offers canoeing, kayaking, paddle boards and water motor sports like pontoon boats, skiing and wave runners. There are public picnic areas with grills, well maintained campgrounds, a good size public beach, several public boat ramps, overlooks and some nice hiking trails meandering along the Lake. In fact, the Appalachian Trail crosses the Watauga Dam, providing for an interesting view of this incredible lake.  We suggest scheduling 2-4 days on your vacation calendar to get a great lake experience.

American Viticultural Area

Our area has been recognized as an American Viticultural Area, which is a designated wine grape growing region in the United States distinguishable by geographic features. We have a thriving vineyard producing quality grapes and two nice wineries serving excellent wine made from these local grown grapes. You can enjoy wine tasting, tour the winery facilities, dine at the Vineyard and attend some of their many scheduled events. If you like touring wineries and vineyards, you will want to put this on your vacation calendar. We suggest scheduling at least a day and an evening to enjoy the winery and vineyard.

Snake 421 Motorcycle Route

We are home to this famous motorcycle route with 489 curves that winds over three mountains, through an incredible valley and travels through Cherokees National Forest. It meanders along flowing creeks and has sweeping turns through rolling farmland. The route has some challenging sections and some peaceful cruising sections. Be sure to stop at the Shady Valley General Store, which serves as the hub for Snake merchandise. Since there are several other good motorcycle routes in the area, we suggest scheduling 2-3 days of your vacation enjoying some of the best mountain motorcycle touring available. Riders know that “The journey is the Destination,” and we have the journey. Let’s ride. 

Doe Mountain

Come and enjoy a great family adventure at this 8,600 acre Family Wilderness Area. There are over 50 miles of blazed adventure trails. There are Multi-use Trails, ATV Trails, Hiking Trails and a Mountain Biking Trail. Horses are allowed on Multiple Use Trails. While on the mountain, be sure to visit Kettlefoot Fire Tower that sits atop Doe Mountain, at over 3800’ elevation with long range views into Tennessee and North Carolina. Also be sure to take the short hike to Chimney Rock Overlook to experience breathtaking views. We would suggest scheduling 2 good days on your vacation calendar to experience this protected wilderness adventure area.

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